Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Learn To Handle The Dangers Of Teeth Whitening

As all of us know, the mouth is a very sensitive. As such, chemicals in teeth whitening should be handled with care. To ensure your teeth whitening process goes smoothly, do take note of the following.

First, never use any of such teeth whitening product if you have any dental problems. Take care of it first before you use such products. If not, any open wounds in your mouth could be infected causing further pain and agony to you.

A solution to having harsh chemical teeth whitening is having veneers placed on your teeth. Many patients have opted to go this method despite its cost. The results have been promising and many celebrities are thought to have gone for such treatment.

Friday, December 25, 2009

Teeth Whitening Dangers

Teeth whitening is becoming very popular as people are getting more conscious of how they look. As such, kits to whiten teeth can be found easily in the market. However, do you know that without proper care, such kits can cause problems for you.

The most common dangers from teeth whitening products is that most people tend to swallow them accidentally. And when it is used incorrectly, damaged to the gums and teeth can be quite substantial.

For example, a common ingredient in teeth whitening bleach is hydrogen peroxide, This can cause damage to the nerves and the gums. This is how sensitive teeth comes about.

If you think laser teeth whitening is better, think again. Peroxide is still applied to the teeth and laser helps it to penetrate more deeply into the tooth. Laser teeth whitening can cause even more damage than just applying a tooth-whitening product to the surface if it is not done properly.